[Music] weakness do I have weakness I am nothing but
weakness [Music] I’m not naturally strong or fast or
flexible I’m certainly not the smartest person in the world I get emotional over stupid things I eat the wrong foods
I don’t sleep enough i procrastinate and I waste time I care too much about meaningless things and not enough about
important things my ego is too big my mind is too small often trapped inside itself
now all that being said I have a saying a person strength is often their biggest weakness
but their weaknesses and become strengths I don’t accept that I am what I am and that that is what I am doomed
to be on fighting I’m always fighting I’m struggling and I’m scraping and kicking and clawing at those weaknesses
to change them to stop them some days
I win but some days I don’t but each and every day I get back up and I move forward with my fists clenched toward
the battle toward the struggle and I fight with everything I’ve got to
overcome those weaknesses and those shortfalls and those flaws as I strive to be just a little bit better today
than I was yesterday I can tell you everything I’ve done the only thing I can’t do is grind for you what’s the
difference between a gazelle and what’s the difference between the lion the gazelle is running from something that’s
a lot of you in this room you will run you’ll do what you’re supposed to do as long as you’re getting pushed but as
soon as that stopped you stop so you’ve got to ask yourself what’s your why what motivation what pushes you what size you
every opportunity is the last opportunity every opportunity I have to reprove myself again every opportunity
I’m still nervous until you’ve been doing this for years why are you so nervous because the day
you become content then you stop evaluate yourself the day you stop growing the day you stop getting better
is the day you die is the day the person who try to catch you get you [Music]
I’m here to tell you today if you got it somebody carry my office the other day crying I said look don’t cry to give up
trying to keep going don’t cry to quit you already in pain you already hurt get a reward from it
fight go down swinging and I’ll tell you if you fight with all you have more often than not you won’t go down at all
you will win but you have to make that attitude a part of your everyday life do the extra repetition run the extra mile
go the extra round make the right choices give the full measure make yourself stronger mentally and
physically stand that fight fight against witness against fear against time and against decay playback
go down swinging give every day everything you’ve got and when you face a challenge even something you don’t
believe you can win or a situation where you know you cannot win remember this you have nothing to lose
so stand up go forward go out in a blaze of glory fighting with everything you’ve got every ounce of energy every bead of
sweat every drop of blood until your last breath and then and only then can you stand
down [Music] if you won’t be successful in this game
you gotta have a door within you you gotta know it’s a dogfight and you gotta go get that fight life ain’t gonna be
easy ain’t about you man you nut just cuz you got a degree you thinkers you got a degree in you wrote a book they
bought the bottle out to you that’s just that one boo in this game good people can’t really handle them on
the level that someone whose gradient so you’re praying for greatness and the problem comes and you’re running Bob you
don’t understand that it isn’t solving the problem that should become wealthy you don’t understand that when you solve
that problem you solve something that a two other million people couldn’t solve and so once you’ve solved it that
solving the problem elevated you the longer you wait the longer you wait I’m being real the longer you wait to get
started and just start grinding the longer you’re going wait to get to the other side and get that reward it’s not
wrong with the opportunity do not give it 120 you’re giving 70 you’ve given 60 you’ve given 50 and you won’t with these
people who’ve given sweat who’s giving blood who’s giving tears you want what they pay for and they free
it takes both emotion and logic to reach your maximum potential to really give everything you have to go beyond your
limits because emotion and logic will both reach their limitations and when one
fails you need to rely on the other when it just doesn’t make any logical sense to go on that’s when you use your
emotion your anger your frustration your fear to push further to push you to say one thing I
stop when you’re feeling to scream that you’ve had enough when you think you are going to break emotionally override that
emotion with concrete logic and willpower that says one I don’t stop
like the weakness of logic with the power of the ocean of those two
find the strength and the tenacity and the guts to say to yourself I don’t stop you don’t belong at the bottom and it’s
time for you to get your butt from down there it’s time to stop being comfortable at the buff it’s your butt
up and get your way you supposed to be the Bible says he was in the big bed and he came to himself and he went home
get your butt up you are royal prince to get where you belong
do what you supposed to do live like you supposed to live you don’t quit now is the tenth round
you got two more to go and when you get this a test is not about skill when you get to a certain level
it’s about step it’s about family it’s about you always lead you take that beat I’m far too long
I’m far too hard if I was going crazy you should’ve got me you should have taught me a long time ago I’m not
breakable now and you won’t have to fight and fight and fight and fight and most of you
won’t be successful not because you can’t do it but you can’t outlast y’all oh you long enough to get to you don’t
talk to me like that I guarantee I ain’t no loser I don’t know I don’t know we’re losing him I was a kid I knew what he
was when I was a kid I was a high school dropout when I was a kid I hate out of a bed except in the band and Bill’s eight
on the trash can when I was a kid him I’ll do whether in my life I’m a grown man now all I do is win it ain’t no song
no matter what it’s hard for you to see the light at the end of the tunnel I promise you and the lights at the end of
the tunnel if you keep walking if you keep making one good choice or two good choice good choices will always bring
amazing opportunities I promise you man things will get better and it won’t be microwave and won’t be overnight it
won’t be instantaneous I know we work that but it’s not greatness takes time when you build with a foundation which
choice is a character you see characters everything in life your attitudes that are really determine your altitude when
you learn to have responsibility and respect and integrity and be punctual let me share with you but the most
difficult thing I’ve ever done in my life and it took me years to do and that was to believe that it was possible to
believe that I can do given my circumstances born in abandoned building on the floor being adopted being labeled
educable mentally retarded failing twice as to you know college training never worked for major corporation to believe
never thought about something he wanted to do and you talk yourself out of it there’s a proverb that says if there’s
no enemy within the enemy outside can do as well it’s what’s important to make it a point
every day and and you never stop because once you stop that’s when those negative thoughts will come back once you stop
that’s when you will begin to doubt yourself once you stopped and told you yes
every day it’s a selling job on you it’s possible I can do this I can make this happen no matter how bad it is or how
bad it gets I’m going to make it just feed your mind with words that you write in words that you hear and words that
you speak to yourself feed your faith and your doubts save yourself it’s possible
it’s possible even when you have no evidence to point to say to yourself it’s possible there’s nothing as

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