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Marketing Training Now On Amazon Alexa Skills

Bugle-Lexa Get YOUR Business onto Alexa Platform

We have all, no doubt, heard about Amazon’s Alexa Echo and Alexa Echo Dot etc. whereby users can simply ask the device something and it brings them the answer in that ‘Alexa’ voice that sounds so kind and trustworthy. Well, we have just launched our new Skill to install onto your Alexa Device to feature…

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New Video Series by Samantha Tarr

Samantha Tarr Business Training Video Series

Samantha Tarr Business Training on Roku TV Network Samantha Tarr is now on her fourth programme via Marketing Bugle Academy TV for the Roku TV Network. Samantha’s video can be viewed below but all four can be found on the Roku TV Network Channel, ‘marketingbugle’.  This presentation gives a good insight into how Samantha trains…

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