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Marketing Training Now On Amazon Alexa Skills

Bugle-Lexa Get YOUR Business onto Alexa Platform

We have all, no doubt, heard about Amazon’s Alexa Echo and Alexa Echo Dot etc. whereby users can simply ask the device something and it brings them the answer in that ‘Alexa’ voice that sounds so kind and trustworthy. Well, we have just launched our new Skill to install onto your Alexa Device to feature…

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Video Listings Coming Soon

Video Listings are Live

All currently live videos are listed on the listing page, accessible by using the navigational menu above. To view any video, install ‘marketingbugle’ onto your device.  New videos are being added every week. Update: Jan 31st 2019 – We now have 50 video presentations live on the TV network. See this page for listing.

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Get YOUR Business Video Streaming To TV Viewers

Millions of people actively subscribe to Roku TV

STREAMING TV STATS Over 24 million active accounts. Roku users spend an average of 50 hours per month viewing. 14.8 billion hours of content was streamed on Roku during 2017 which shows its growth in comparison with 5.5 billion hours streamed in 2015. The above is for the US but Europe, including the UK are…

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