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Marketing Bugle Academy TV steams videos from businesses that educate, give information and can benefit the viewer.

Predominantly a business theme but all categories 'niche' into interests of the viewer.

New videos are being added on a regular basis to keep the channel fresh and worth coming back to .

It is free of charge to install this channel and you can get in touch with us at any time.

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Marketing Bugle Academy TV
Marketing Bugle Academy TV

What is Roku TV?

Simply put, Roku allows you to watch free and paid video content on your TV via the Internet. TV and Movie streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Sling TV, YouTube and more are loaded on the Roku similar to how apps are loaded onto a smartphone. While the majority of the content is prerecorded, services like Hulu allow a lot of content to be viewed just one day after its initial airing on television. Furthermore, apps like Sling TV allow content to be viewed live as it airs.

The “Roku box” (as some call it) is the easiest way to stream video to your television. Roku is a 6-inch square device for your television used to watch movies and TV shows through apps that are also referred to as channels. For those looking to buy a new television, a Roku TV has all the function of a Roku built into a quality TV.

When Roku came out in 2008, the only streaming service available was Netflix. Since then, streaming internet TV has enjoyed widespread adoption. Today, there is very little content available on Cable TV that you can’t stream with a Roku and watch on your TV.

As of October 2018, Roku is offering the following 7 streaming devices. There are five set-top streaming boxes, the Roku Ultra, Roku Premiere, Roku Premiere+,  Roku Express and Express+. Then there are two sticks, the Roku Streaming Stick and Roku Streaming Stick Plus.

Roku has not only unleashed a deluge of streaming devices, but also some new functionality available in the Roku operating System. Furthermore, two of the devices support High Dynamic Range (HDR) video on HDR compatible TVs.

All new Roku devices are currently available on Amazon and other outlets.

Source: Grounded Reason

What is Prime Video?

Prime Video offers digital movies and TV shows you can watch instantly on compatible connected devices.

With Prime Video, you can buy, rent, and instantly watch digital movies and TV shows. All you need is an Amazon account and a compatible, Internet-connected device.

Prime Video is available through your computer's web browser as well as hundreds of streaming media devices, including:

Smart TVs
Blu-ray players
Amazon Fire TV & Fire TV Stick
Set-top boxes (e.g. Roku, )
Game consoles (e.g. PlayStation, Xbox, Wii)
Android devices
iOS devices
Fire tablets
Fire phone